It’s Time to Kill These 8 Deadly Online Marketing Myths (From KISSmetrics)

In talking to countless entrepreneurs, business owners, I’ve found that there is a remarkable contingent of marketers still harboring unrealistic and often dangerous expectations based on certain erroneous principles that are supposed to lead to online marketing success.


So when one of my favorite online marketing blogs, KISSmetrics, asked me to contribute an article dispelling these myths, I jumped at the chance.

I hate to watch businesses with legitimately good ideas and a determined team suffocate before ever having a real chance to thrive.


Why? Because they lack preparedness for what’s required to execute a marketing strategy and build a lasting, successful online business or posses a misunderstanding of how to prioritize limited resources to improve ROI, or both.


You can find the comprehensive and detailed article in its entirety here, but here’s a preview of the topics covered:


Myth #1: People will buy our product because it’s cheaper than the competition’s.

Cheap prices don’t automatically translate into massive word-of-mouth, PR, and market share. People have to actually know you exist.


Myth #2: We need to get as many people as possible to our website.

There is a big difference between getting traffic and getting the right kind of traffic.


Myth #3: Our product is so good, we don’t need to do any marketing.

“If you build it, they will come” only worked in the movie Field of Dreams.


Myth #4: No one reads commercial emails these days.

Do you think email is dead? Read some recent stats that would say otherwise.


Myth #5: Our site looks great, so our work is done.

If you aren’t expecting to have to consistently create and promote great content and find ways to engage your target customer through a variety of channels outside your site to build traffic, the investment your company made in a pretty new site could be for nothing.


Myth #6: “X” worked for that company, so it will work for us, too.

Just because something worked for one company doesn’t mean that it will work for yours. Copying the website doesn’t make you


Myth #7: Everyone is using social media marketing, so our company needs to as well.

Jumping on too many social channels is a waste of valuable time and resources. Figure out which platforms your target audience actually uses, and focus on those.


Myth #8: We can hire people to perform individual marketing tactics without a holistic strategy.

A modern online marketing strategy is not comprised of individual tactics executed independently. Rather, it involves a comprehensive approach.



It’s essential to stay focused on what will truly impact ROI. Knowing which tactics and strategies are a waste of time is as important as knowing which ones are crucial to pursue. Be sure to read the full article here for details, tips and actionable strategies.

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