Are These Trust-Killers On Your Website?

Imagine you’re in a new city on a business trip. You’re hungry, but you aren’t sure where to go (and let’s pretend you don’t have access to Yelp).


You walk into a restaurant in a strip mall, where you’re greeted by passé decor and the smell of something burning. It’s empty of guests.


Do you sit down to order? Or, do you head right back out the door?

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It’s Time to Kill These 8 Deadly Online Marketing Myths (From KISSmetrics)

In talking to countless entrepreneurs, business owners, I’ve found that there is a remarkable contingent of marketers still harboring unrealistic and often dangerous expectations based on certain erroneous principles that are supposed to lead to online marketing success.


So when one of my favorite online marketing blogs, KISSmetrics, asked me to contribute an article dispelling these myths, I jumped at the chance.

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6 Ecommerce Metrics Critical to Long Term Success

If you’ve ever explored Google Analytics, you’ve probably felt overwhelmed by the countless metrics that can be measured.


However, if you’re not tracking key performance indicators, you’re flying blind. You might be able to wing it for a little while. But with the immense competition online, it’s a near certainty that sooner or later, a data-driven competitor in your industry will come along and overtake you by focusing on the fundamental metrics that help an ecommerce business scale.


Below, find the 6 fundamental metrics you need to know to build a successful, scalable online store.

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Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing? Part 1: Creation

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and often authoritative content to attract and retain your target audience.


The goal is to engage the audience, build awareness of your brand, build your credibility and over time, lead the prospect down the path towards converting them into a customer.


I’ll focus on the the first half of the strategy – creation – in this post and save distribution for a future post.

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