Are you running an online business with untapped potential?

It’s a frustrating feeling. 

Your company has a great product – your current customers would agree.


So why aren’t you bigger?


Sure, you’ve got competitors, but you’re offering something uniquely superior. So how do you get more prospects to become aware of your brand and ultimately buy?


Maybe some of your competitors seem to be bigger or growing faster than you are, and you don’t understand how or why.


You’ve tried a few different tactics. Perhaps it was sending emails or running Google PPC ads. Maybe you’ve even created a blog.


But you feel like there there wasn’t a strategy behind it.


And you’re not sure what the ROI was or if it was even worth your time. But you’re smart enough to know the risk to your business of doing nothing


So until you can figure out where to focus your efforts, you’re stuck at your current size.


Stagnant. Plateaued.


That’s where I come in…

Hiring Michael was one of the best business decisions I’ve made in years. Michael helped me create better marketing systems that have lead to more consistent revenue, as well as better serving my customers and audience. If you want to increase your sales and leads, I suggest you hire him now! Lucille – Preen Media



I know first-hand how to craft successful brands and profitable businesses.


Starting with just a few hundred dollars and no marketing budget, the company I founded – eDimensional – achieved a million dollars in sales in its first year and continued to expand, generating tens of millions in revenue.


As CEO, I led all business functions from sales and marketing, web development, and operations to award-winning product development.


As my company grew as a leading manufacturer and online retailer of consumer electronics, I also acquired several distressed ecommerce businesses and reinvigorated these brands with new products, marketing, and distribution.
These refocused businesses once again began to grow and flourish. Having cultivated a successful enterprise with global reach, the company was acquired in 2013.


Since then, I’ve been advising and helping dozens of businesses from start-ups to $100M+ organizations understand how to grow their online traffic and brand engagement, achieve their online performance goals, and efficiently streamline their operations.


As both an actual successful owner/operator and consultant with a proven track record, I bring a unique perspective and genuine understanding of your business challenges.


I’ve helped dozens of businesses like yours define a strategic online vision and then execute it with exceptional results.


From doubling organic traffic for an furniture retailer, to adding tens of thousands of targeted email subscribers for a home decor retailer, to increasing conversions by 40% while increasing margins for a media company, I understand how to swiftly identify the biggest opportunities for improvement.


It doesn’t matter if you’re B2B, B2C, or SAAS…if you generate leads and revenue online, the fundamental elements of a marketing strategy (e.g. traffic acquisition, lead nurturing, conversion optimization, maximizing lifetime customer value) apply. It’s about finding the optimal way to prioritize and implement them for your unique business.


The secret is to not focus on tactics for the sake of tactics, and never lose sight of the ultimate goal – more sales.


And I’ll give you the detailed action plan to make it happen, or my expert team and I can act at your outsourced marketing department.


So you can see tangible, measurable results fast while building a scalable foundation for future growth. And you can get back to working passionately on your business, not getting sucked in to your business.


Because it’s not about doing some of everything, it’s about finding the right things to do and doing them well.


Not sure where to look to find the keys to growth? Need a roadmap to set your business on the right path, with specific instructions on what to do and how to do it?

Whether it's a website audit and action plan, or ongoing coaching and oversight of your efforts, you want an expert perspective and someone to hold you and your team accountable to your growth goals.

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My exceptional team of top-tier specialists can execute a sophisticated, holistic digital marketing program as an extension of your business.

We bring together highly experienced web development, analytics, design, SEO, email, social media, UX and copywriting expertise, working collectively so you can feel confident in your digital strategy.

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Looking to bring on an executive-level growth partner that can help scale your business, but not sure if you can afford it?

When the stars align, I'll partner with organizations to offer my expertise and resources at little to no cost in exchange for equity or other creative compensation. Let's discuss your unique situation.

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